The International Journal of Prenatal & Life Sciences is an Academic, open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed, International, Online Journal publishing authentic papers to disseminate new knowledge and research findings in the field of Prenatal and Life Sciences. Apart from research studies, it welcomes reviews, critiques of studies and findings, case reports, summaries and opinions after due peer review, as well as book/film reviews. Authors come from the Academic, Research and Professional Communities (e.g. health and research scientists, lecturers, practitioners etc) interested mainly in-but not restricted to- the fields of Prenatal Psychology (the journal’s niche), Embryology, Biomechanics, Health, Midwifery, Salutogenesis, Ecology, Genetics, Complexity, Anthropology, Sociology, Ethics, Philosophy.

All original research articles we publish are made freely accessible online immediately upon publication. Language: English, Greek.

The International Journal of Prenatal & Life Sciences is published in Ano Lehonia, Volos, 37300 Greece (Dim. Iatridou 12-16) by the Prenatal Sciences Research Institute, SOPHIA.

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