• Prenatal Psychology & the Emerging Prosocial & Ecological Mind: Call to Writers


    “We create the world that we perceive, not because there is no reality outside our heads, but because we select and edit the reality we see to conform to our beliefs about what sort of world we live in. …”
    Gregory Bateson, Steps to an Ecology of Mind 

    Prosociality or the human tendency towards living a life that adds value to the society, benefiting all has always been a concept of high importance. However, today and in the midst of a global crisis on all levels acting according to the dictates of an ecological mind in alignment with the Hippocratic “do no harm” principle towards all forms of life sharing the planet is an issue that calls for immediate action. Measures of punishments from fines to death penalty seem to lead nowhere.  Life sustainability and global peace depends on authentic empathy, altruism and pure love as core identity traits that start early in life.  

    Evidence suggests that pro sociality is central to the well-being of social groups including families, classrooms, workplaces, communities, countries, and the humanity as a whole. The debate over the last decades at least has brought up questions as to what is it that leads to prosocial behavior and what is it that leads to competition and destruction. Is it a genes issue? Is it the result of the environment-organism interaction? Does it connect with the kind of symbiosis experienced? Is it innate or cultivated later on? What is it at play behind antisocial strategies associated with self-focused, threat sensitive and aggressive tendencies that use fear-based tactics that may go as far as injuring/killing competitors? On the other hand, what is it that nourishes prosocial strategies that enable sharing, cooperative, mutually supportive and beneficial relationships?

    More than 100 years of research, clinical observations and dedicated work of pioneer scholars in the field of prenatal sciences have revealed that the key to prosociality and the development of the ecological mind lies in the pre/ perinatal experience of each one of us. Starting from pre-conception, during gestation and birth and then during the early childhood years, the friendly, low/no threat maternal/ sociocultural signals emitted in friendly cooperative and affiliative relationships stimulate physiological systems (e.g., oxytocin, the vagus nerve of the parasympathetic system) that downregulate threat processing, enhance the immune system, and facilitate frontal cortical processes and general wellbeing. This impacts the quality of life lived, the quality of relationships created and the civilization handed down to the generations that follow.

    This book is to focus on how we can learn from the prenatal sciences findings and adopt or promote choices that build coalitions and alliances, create secure low-level stress pre/perinatal environments that present a preparedness to care, support, and invest in others, unborn babies included, inspiring prosocial motivation and behavior and an ecological attitude. 

    Themes of interest include the following:

    • The physiobiological foundation of prosocial relationships
    • The psychosocial foundation of mutualism
    • The epigenetics of prosocial behavior
    • History lessons of antagonism or co-operation for mutual benefit
    • From agriculture to artificial intelligence: Strategies, aims and goals. Prosocial lessons learned.
    • What Nature teaches Humans about co-existence
    • The prenatal origins of prosociality and ecological life attitudes
    • Parents as agents of prosocial culture
    • Integrating ancient knowledge & primal wisdom with modern science as a global strategy for prenates, mothers/ fathers/ families, babies and communities.
    • New paradigms in parenting, pre/perinatal health, wellbeing and public health
    • Passing down philosophies, principles, values and cultures of meaning and identity from generation to generation
    • The conception, gestation and birth of prosocial leaders
    • New visions of global altruism & empathy in the making

    Submission guidelines: Use the submission button here. Important deadlines: Chapter proposal: abstract only by 20 June 2024. Full chapter submission by 15 September 2024. For more information contact info@cosmoanelixis.gr

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  • Change: Birthing & Parenting at Times of Crisis


    “The only thing we know for sure is that we are the product of a dynamic interaction and that nothing about us is written in stone. Therefore, as long as we breathe, we are a work in progress, constantly changing”. (Change: Birthing and Parenting at Times of Crisis), chapter 7, p. 157) 

    Editors: Olga Gouni, Jon RG Turner & Troya GN Turner
    Co-Authors: 20 experts in the field of Prenatal Psychology, Medicine and Health: Thomas R Verny, Ludwig Janus, Klaus Evertz, Helga Blazy, Matthew Appleton, Karlton Terry, Akira Ikegawa, Antonella Sansone, Dejan Raković, Jon RG & Troya Turner, Elizabetha Levin, Olga Gouni, Jean Calleja-Agius, Claire Zerafa, Raymond Zammit, Mirjana Sovilj, Emilija Radmilović, Ankita Marjadi, Birgitta Winkler
    Book Info:
    Publisher: cosmoanelixis (February 16, 2021) & The International Journal of Prenatal & Life Sciences (IJLPS)
    Language: English
    Paperback: 425 pages
    ISBN-13: 979-8705980154
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    Dimensions: 13.97 x 2.44 x 21.59 cm
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    We stand in the midst of a critical change. The whole world, as we have known it, is in transition. Day by day, we witness the death of the old way of being, while the new is a little hazy to see and embrace. The pandemic, a mirror of the “unseen virus” that finally crystallized into the physical virus, affects humans debilitating systems -not only organic but also socio-economic ones placing a strain on the equilibrium of all the intricately related factors inside and outside all known structures. With the educational and other care systems falling apart or not allowed to function properly, families and especially parents have seen their everyday life go chaotic. The new reality asks them to re-visit their parenting modes, understand the essence of it all and lead themselves and their children, still in gestation or already born and growing up, to a new homeostasis. As in all transition phases, the primal trauma is re-activated. The primal pain from which we disconnected to survive is to surface again. Exhaustion, anger, isolation, social-distancing, FEAR, mainly fear of death, has become the daily menu in an atmosphere of mistrust, insecurity and loss. But this is also the time to heal, regain the lost life energy and re-create what has always been possible. This book, written by 20 experts in the fields of Prenatal Psychology, Medicine and Health is the navigator that leads each one of us, born or unborn, to the space of using critical changes as a tool to heal our prenatal trauma, reconnect with who we are, connect with and support our children as we make our next step. 

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    Gouni O, Turner RG J, Turner T, 2021, Change: Birthing and Parenting at Times of Crisis, cosmoanelixis, Athens, ISBN-13: 979-8705980154

    Contact Details: Olga Gouni, co-editor, email info@cosmoanelixis.gr

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  • Whole-Self Approaches to Prebirth Psychology & Medicine


    The book "Whole-Self Approaches in Prebirth Psychology and Medicine is now out and you can get it on the Amazon. Just click on the image to be redirected. 

    The Whole-Self Model has the potential to change the course of human evolution!
    Dr. Ludwig Janus, Past President, International Society of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Medicine

    For half a century Whole-Self Psychology, Philosophy & Education has been dedicated to bringing the vision of Dr. Janus into reality.This book shares the odyssey as presented at the 1st International Meeting-Conference for Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology, Philosophy & Education© through the life work experiences of 11 distinguished Whole-Self Country Co-Directors who have been & are leading the way in showing the possibility of gently bringing humanity’s reality into truth.It was in 1970 that Whole-Self Prebirth Discovery & Development was conceived with the evolutionary discovery that when my pregnant mother, & father, too, experience a trauma during my gestation, I am born with that trauma memory. During my life, as child into adulthood, I non-consciously live with those trauma patterns as if they are my own until I recognize, recall, re-experience & release them. Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology helps me to understand the ‘parable’ or ‘mythos’ of my family psycho-history. W-SPP is a gentle, loving, transpersonal, multi-dimensional psychological educational process through which, in the first person: I turn my subjective realities - what my personality believes happened into objective truth - what actually happened. Its Latin motto is REALITAS AD VERITATIS, Reality to Truth. Its hypothesis is that through my homeostasis my Mother is healed; my family is healed; my community is healed; all of humanity is healed. In the chapters of this book, my consciousness is gifted with the quantum wisdom of the presenting experts in human discovery & development. The book is an invitation for participation into a universal harmony all of which have the potential to change the course of human evolution into actual wholeness & wellness!

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    The book is the centenary publication to honor the contribution of
    all those pioneers in the field of Prenatal Psychology. The book presents the most
    updated findings in the field of Prenatal Psychology.

    Edited by Jon RG Turner Troya GN Turner & Olga Gouni
    Co-Authored by
    Ludwig Janus, Thomas R. Verny, Arthur Janov, Michel Odent
    Jon RG & Troya GN Turner, Olga Gouni, Dejan Rakovic, Mirjana Sovilji, Grigori Brekhman, Ioanna Mari & Laura Uplinger, Glenna Batson, Maria Athanasekou, Elizabetha Levin, Ronald Cole

    5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm) Black & White on White paper, 650 pages
    ISBN-13: 978-1984323828 , ISBN-10: 1984323822 
    BISAC: Psychology / Psychotherapy / General
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    During the course of about 100 years, Prenatal Psychology has developed from an initially intuitive insight within the scope of psychoanalysis into a broad interdisciplinary field of science.  Otto Rank began his study of the possible effect of birth experiences in 1904, finally publishing his book the Trauma of Birth in 1923.
    With these two dates marking Rank's contribution, it can be said that Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology is approximately 100 years of age. Since then, due to the laborious, dedicated work of Pioneers in the field, what was once a hidden mystery now is common knowledge.
    Prenatal Life Matters! 

    Today, there is more and more evidence on how our early beginnings from pre-conception to early after birth can affect our Health, our Relationships and our Quality of Life. 
    In this book, you will find a complete guide as to what we now know in the field of Prenatal Psychology and you can get vital keys to understanding how our primal experience shapes who we become.


    1 Prenatal Psychology opens up a new horizon for the human concept by Ludwig Janus
    2 The Impact of Maternal Factors on Prenatal Development by Thomas R. Verny
    3 Epigenetics and Primal Therapy by Arthur Janov
    4 What Obstatricians Need to Know About Prostate Cancer by Michel Odent
    5 Prebirth Education Begins Before Conception by Jon RG & Troya GN Turner
    6 The Complexity of Prenatal & Perinatal Experience by Olga Gouni
    7 On Quantum-Holographic & Trans-Generational Implications for Child Developement by Dejan Rakovic
    8 Transfer of Transgenerational Information and the Possibility of their Measurement and/or Monitoring by Mirjana Sovilji
    9 Renaissance of parenthood as a way to the prevention of pre-perinatal traumas in the Future generation of people by Grigori Brekhman
    10 Prenatal Education, Early Parenting Ten golden rules for future parents by Ioanna Mari & Laura Uplinger
    11 Human Origami: The Embryo as a Folding Life Continuum by Glenna Batson
    12 Bonding with the unseen; Symbolic nuances and the iconography of the new life by Maria Athanasekou
    13 Prenatal Period in Light of the Effect of Celestial Twins (ECT) by Elizabetha Levin
    14 Spiritual Aspects of Birth and a Physician's Evolvement by Ronald L. Cole
    15 Welcoming Our Children: Moving Towards a Salutogenic Mode of Practice by Olga Gouni
    16 Epilogue: Welcoming our Children is a Gift to Humanity by Olga Gouni
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    Cover photo credits: Shannon Sanches of Shannon Leigh Photography Milford, Ma

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    owned by cosmoanelixis, Prenatal & Life Sciences Athens, Greece 
    www.cosmoanelixis.gr, Information: info@cosmoanelixis.gr
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