Vital Keys to understanding the meaning of life.   


Our interest is to identify new researchers and authors that are on the cutting edge of research in Prenatal and Life Sciences. 

The journal is excited to announce a new, ongoing series of special sections called
Vital Keys to understanding the meaning of life.  
We invite authors to submit single papers or a series of papers that disseminate knowledge within the following areas: 

  1. Concepts within Prenatal & Life Sciences (concept analysis series) 
  1. Primal Life, Human Health and Quality of Life (research papers on how primal experience is connected with child/ adult pathology or quality of life) 
  1. Practices that Make a Difference 
  1. Biotechnology: A Foe or a Friend? Towards a Future that makes sense 
  1. Human Rights Within the Maternity Care and the Rights of the Unborn Child 

We encourage submissions of research papers/ articles, from a variety of disciplines in Prenatal & Life Sciences ie Genetics, Biology, Ethics, Midwifery, Medicine, Law, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biorobotics, Philosophy, Education, Health etc, as well as manuscripts related to innovative intervention research, models and ways of using the scientific knowledge gained to serve peers, decision makers and other stakeholders.