Change: Birthing & Parenting at Times of Crisis


“The only thing we know for sure is that we are the product of a dynamic interaction and that nothing about us is written in stone. Therefore, as long as we breathe, we are a work in progress, constantly changing”. (Change: Birthing and Parenting at Times of Crisis), chapter 7, p. 157) 

Editors: Olga Gouni, Jon RG Turner & Troya GN Turner
Co-Authors: 20 experts in the field of Prenatal Psychology, Medicine and Health: Thomas R Verny, Ludwig Janus, Klaus Evertz, Helga Blazy, Matthew Appleton, Karlton Terry, Akira Ikegawa, Antonella Sansone, Dejan Raković, Jon RG & Troya Turner, Elizabetha Levin, Olga Gouni, Jean Calleja-Agius, Claire Zerafa, Raymond Zammit, Mirjana Sovilj, Emilija Radmilović, Ankita Marjadi, Birgitta Winkler
Book Info:
Publisher: cosmoanelixis (February 16, 2021) & The International Journal of Prenatal & Life Sciences (IJLPS)
Language: English
Paperback: 425 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8705980154
Item weight: 626 g
Dimensions: 13.97 x 2.44 x 21.59 cm
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We stand in the midst of a critical change. The whole world, as we have known it, is in transition. Day by day, we witness the death of the old way of being, while the new is a little hazy to see and embrace. The pandemic, a mirror of the “unseen virus” that finally crystallized into the physical virus, affects humans debilitating systems -not only organic but also socio-economic ones placing a strain on the equilibrium of all the intricately related factors inside and outside all known structures. With the educational and other care systems falling apart or not allowed to function properly, families and especially parents have seen their everyday life go chaotic. The new reality asks them to re-visit their parenting modes, understand the essence of it all and lead themselves and their children, still in gestation or already born and growing up, to a new homeostasis. As in all transition phases, the primal trauma is re-activated. The primal pain from which we disconnected to survive is to surface again. Exhaustion, anger, isolation, social-distancing, FEAR, mainly fear of death, has become the daily menu in an atmosphere of mistrust, insecurity and loss. But this is also the time to heal, regain the lost life energy and re-create what has always been possible. This book, written by 20 experts in the fields of Prenatal Psychology, Medicine and Health is the navigator that leads each one of us, born or unborn, to the space of using critical changes as a tool to heal our prenatal trauma, reconnect with who we are, connect with and support our children as we make our next step. 

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Gouni O, Turner RG J, Turner T, 2021, Change: Birthing and Parenting at Times of Crisis, cosmoanelixis, Athens, ISBN-13: 979-8705980154

Contact Details: Olga Gouni, co-editor, email

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