Traditional Midwifery in Turkey, Germany and Greece


Purpose: In this review study, traditional midwifery, educational development of midwifery and basic traditional midwifery practices in Turkey, Germany and Greece were examined.

Materials and Methods: Literature review was conducted. Traditional midwifery studies published on the basis of Turkey, Greece and Germany have been studied.

Findings: Traditional midwifery has been a transfer of knowledge and skills from mother to daughter. Along with rituals influenced by religion, mostly herbal incense, tea and oils have been used in all three countries as auxiliary methods of pregnancy and childbirth. The maternity chair is an auxiliary product with traditional use in all three countries. There are very few studies in the literature on the scientific effects of traditional methods.

Result: As with traditional methods of treatment, there should be evidence-based methods to help childbirth, and there should be methods that will not endanger the health of the mother and baby. More work is needed on this issue.

Mar 15, 2022
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