Whole-Self Approaches to Prebirth Psychology & Medicine


The book "Whole-Self Approaches in Prebirth Psychology and Medicine is now out and you can get it on the Amazon. Just click on the image to be redirected. 

The Whole-Self Model has the potential to change the course of human evolution!
Dr. Ludwig Janus, Past President, International Society of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Medicine

For half a century Whole-Self Psychology, Philosophy & Education has been dedicated to bringing the vision of Dr. Janus into reality.This book shares the odyssey as presented at the 1st International Meeting-Conference for Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology, Philosophy & Education© through the life work experiences of 11 distinguished Whole-Self Country Co-Directors who have been & are leading the way in showing the possibility of gently bringing humanity’s reality into truth.It was in 1970 that Whole-Self Prebirth Discovery & Development was conceived with the evolutionary discovery that when my pregnant mother, & father, too, experience a trauma during my gestation, I am born with that trauma memory. During my life, as child into adulthood, I non-consciously live with those trauma patterns as if they are my own until I recognize, recall, re-experience & release them. Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology helps me to understand the ‘parable’ or ‘mythos’ of my family psycho-history. W-SPP is a gentle, loving, transpersonal, multi-dimensional psychological educational process through which, in the first person: I turn my subjective realities - what my personality believes happened into objective truth - what actually happened. Its Latin motto is REALITAS AD VERITATIS, Reality to Truth. Its hypothesis is that through my homeostasis my Mother is healed; my family is healed; my community is healed; all of humanity is healed. In the chapters of this book, my consciousness is gifted with the quantum wisdom of the presenting experts in human discovery & development. The book is an invitation for participation into a universal harmony all of which have the potential to change the course of human evolution into actual wholeness & wellness!