Tesla’s Legacy for New Millennium: Path to Quantum-Holographic Primal Source

Path to Quantum-Holographic Primal Source

  • Dejan Raković Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia


Nikola Tesla is undoubtedly the greatest inventor in the history of electrical engineering, and what makes him especially fascinating was his unusual mental control of creative visions. Regarding presented Tesla’s extraordinary creative experiences in his altered states of consciousness (categorized in his time as nonphysical phenomena) Tesla’s conviction "when we start to study nonphysical phenomena, we will progress more in ten years than we have for centuries" then becomes clearer. In this context, it seems that Tesla's legacy for the new millennium is introspective evidence of his transpersonal creative communications, with fascinating possibility of his meditative eidetic control & increase of macroscopic quantum correlations with the quantum-holographic primal source of collective consciousness. ...

Dec 30, 2018
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