Temporological Aspects of Prenatal Psychology

  • Elizabetha Levin, Dr. Sc.


Time is important for specialists from many different backgrounds. In this paper I wish to summarize my work on temporology and to focus on selected topics which are of special interest to Prenatal Psychology, i.e. the Effect of Celestial Twins (ECT), the Phoenix Clock model and a four-element emotional theory. Although at first glance they might seem as loosely related topics, these themes are forming a cohesive unity. Once we gain better understanding of the different times and the related Birth Potentials and Elements, there may be better chances to improve our parenting and harmonious child-raising. These temporal theories will also be illustrated by a unique case of one of the giants of 20th century music, Sergei Prokofiev, born during the Phoenix Hour of 1885-1900.

Nov 18, 2019
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