On Holistic Psychosomatic Nature Of Bioenergycorrection

  • Dejan Raković, Prof Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Science, University of Belgrade


Bioenergycorrection as an ancient way of correcting vital energy flow is well known in many multi-millennial traditions, having withstood the test of time to this day, with some modern modifications. On the wave of the expansion of integrative medicine since the mid-1990s in China, the US and Europe, some bioenergycorrection techniques have been subjected to scientific research and have been included in the curricula of medical schools therein. We emphasize that numerous transpersonal phenomena associated with consciousness and psychosomatic bioenergycorrection are phenomenologically well documented, and that their physical explanation should be sought at the very border of the existing scientific paradigm. Within our quantum-holographic / quantum-gravitational (QHQG) theoretical framework of the acupuncture system, consciousness, and vital energy, they are of a deeper quantum-gravitational origin, with exotic aspects of spatio-temporal tunnels and vital energy extended to acupuncture channels (of exotic vacuum-like refractive index!) with transpersonal quantum-entangling inflow of vital energy. It should also be noted that the healing effects on the patient's acupuncture system / consciousness are often blocked by quantum-holographically encoded spiritual personal consent to the disease as a form of (self) punishment (as evidenced by the subjects' experiences in post-hypnotic regressions), when prayers and self-love for oneself and others are necessary with the aim of ending (self) punishment - thus performing spiritual integration of the personality, i.e. dis-entanglement of transpersonal energy blockages, which triggers the process of permanent healing. Such spiritual indeterministic interventions by introducing new vacuum excitations of vital energy in the otherwise deterministic quantum-holographic evolution of collective consciousness (similar to the spiritually-excited and mentally-channeled Ayurvedic, Qigong, Reiki and modern experiences of local and transpersonal healing, thus non-Schrodinger imposing necessary essentially new boundary conditions!) - can permanently remove as a net effect the whole mutual conflict between two people, which is also the greatest source of freedom in optimizing life programs through spiritual cleansing. This significantly contributes to our understanding that even the most severe psychosomatic disorders have their roots in energy-informational blockages, and that healing begins by removing them - first by loving oneself, accepting oneself and forgiving oneself, which is then manifested by loving others and accepting others (e.g. spiritually dis-entangling / unleashing repentant-forgiving prayer)!   

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