What we Publish

The International Journal of Prenatal & Life Sciences accepts manuscripts for consideration with the understanding that they represent original material not previously published (except in abstract form) or submitted for publication elsewhere and which can add value to the understanding of the prenatal and life dynamics of our human experience. 

Authors come from the Academic, Research and Professional Communities (e.g. health and research scientists, lecturers, practitioners etc) interested mainly in –but not restricted to- the fields of Prenatal Psychology (the journal’s niche), Psychology, Embryology, Biomechanics, Health, Midwifery, Salutogenesis, Ecology, Genetics, Complexity, Anthropology, Sociology, Ethics, Philosophy or Pedagogy/Education. 
Apart from research studies, it welcomes reviews, critiques of studies and findings, case reports, summaries and opinions after due peer review, as well as book/film reviews. Special Supplements are also announced and calls for papers are made for interested authors.

Furthermore, we welcome submissions of Digital Academic Books that can take the form of 
Monographs or Edited Collections as well as Dissertations from PhD and MSC researchers.